Wrongs Of Exercising that Can Lead to Back Pain

Back pain is usually a result of bad posture and can occur to any individual who doesn’t pay much attention to health. Sitting in an inclined position for long hours in front of the desktop is one of the most common and major issues of back pain. Even watching too much TV, sitting at home without giving yourself a break can degenerate your health and bring upon lethargy. This makes the body used to all pleasures and no work and a sudden heavy movement, like pulling up a huge luggage can give rise to back pain.However, back pain arising from wrong exercises can also be a cause. It is like a sin to bodybuilders who are devoting all their time, energy and money in the process of health training and fitness. While exercising, one must be aware of the impact of exercises that he or she is including in their workout routine. The goal is not to achieve a fuller and perfect body but to keep it healthy and devoid of sciatic pain. Exercises which make you go through aches, back pains and injuries are not  worth your time and energy.The bench press is often considered a painful bodybuilding exercise that causes injuries. The chronic bench press can lead to an over the development of the upper back if not coupled with other bodybuilding exercises. This creates an imbalance in the body shape (often referred to as “Turtle Back”) with no strength in them.Another type of exercise known as Leg Extension puts a huge amount of strain on the knee joint. It overdevelops the quads which go through a strenuous workout beforehand, but keep the hamstrings as it is.These are some common mistakes one should keep in mind.