Workout With A Stiff Neck

personal trainerA stiff neck is a common problem that could happen due to fatigue and improper positioning of the head over the neck at office, during work or at home i9n times of sleep. A sudden turning of head or too much straining of the neck muscles can also lead to this situation.There are simple exercises that could be practiced to attain fast relief from mild neck stiffness.Neck Retraction – In this exercise you must bring your head back while you keep your eyes in a front direction. Then you bring your head back to a neutral position.Head Drop – In this exercise you must tilt your head back as far s possible keeping your chin straight. Your chin must point at the ceiling. Once done bring back your head to a neutral position. Repeat for five times.Bending on the sides – For this exercise you must reach out your hand to the top of your head and pull your left earlobe towards your left shoulder. The same is to be repeated with your other hand for your right side. Repeat each side four times.Head Rotation -  In this exercise your need to turn your head over the should so that the nose is just on top of the shoulder. Then return to neutral position. The same is to b done for the right side.Flexion – bring your hands to the back of your head and pull your head down so that the chin is brought close to the chest. Bring you head back to neutral position.In case the problem persists visit a doctor for complete care and cure.