Workout Mistakes that Prevent you from Losing Belly Fat

The only thing worse than working out with slow results is working out with no results.People make common mistakes while working out which prevents them from losing weight. Are you doing it right?Ab Muscles

  • Not enough sweat- Challenge your muscles and push your body till you're fatigued and sweaty. An inconsistent regimen and some light weights won't do much to reduce belly fat. Lift heavy weights and follow a consistent workout schedule for results.
  • Overtraining- It is a wrong notion that overdoing your workouts continuously burns calories faster. Exercising at a high intensity during each workout not only puts you at risk of injury, but also ceases any progress. Alternate between different intensities of workout for better results.
  • Skipping protein- A post-exercise protein drink is extremely essential for gaining fat-burning muscle mass and losing body fat. Not refuelling with protein will give you little to zilch results.
  • Too many breaks- Dilly-dallying between sets will never reduce belly fat. Try stringing 4-6 exercises together without any breaks in between to create an afterburn which will help you burn calories for several hours post-workout.
  • Cardio first- Cardio is important, but to reduce belly fat, you should lift those weights first, so that you don't lose your steam on cardio before hitting those weights. Doing only cardio can actually slow metabolism and make it harder to burn fat.
  • Only workouts- Just working out in the gym is not always enough to get rid of belly fat. Instead of spending 30 minutes in the gym only to sit throughout the rest of the day, go for walks or do chores. These activities help much more than you think.
With these simple rectifications, you can change that flab to flat in no time!