Workout and Beat the Chills

Dark and cold winter mornings tend to make us shiver under the quilt. As the temperature keeps dipping we shroud into the hibernation mode. Exercise inevitably takes a backseat and the fitness regimen goes up for a toss.  In the winter months since digestion is easier we tend to eat more and put on more weight.  Also,body sculpting the winter chills aggravate the possibility of cold and influenza. It is therefore very important to exercise regularly to shed off the extra weight and build up a stronger immunity system.Sweat it out this WinterThe essentials for a good winter workout routine are as follows:

  • Before you step out warm up inside first. Start with five to ten minutes of low level aerobic exercise like on spot jogging and jumping jacks.
  • Try the plyometrics intense workout to improve cardio endurance and strength. This includes speed strength exercises like -single leg hops, tuck jumps, front box and broad jumps.
  • Initiate the ‘wake-up workout’ at home for 15 minutes with 20 counts and2 reps- this includes calf raises, squats, lunges, Russian twists, ab crunches and plank for (30-60 seconds).
  • Snowshoeing is another great option for burning calories. An average 30 minutes of snowshoeing burns up to 256 calories.
  • Incorporate high-intensity interval training in your running session. Sprint for 30 seconds and walk for a minute it kills more kilojoules.
  • Keep the bones strong with indoor cycling and indoor rock climbing which burns up to 650 calories per hour. Practice Yoga a cardio- intense indoor cross-training activity.
Exercising in winter especially in the outdoors increases body exposure to Vitamin D. It also increases the production of endorphins in the body which uplifts the mood. Revitalize your body with core exercises and rev up with energy in winter.