Women and Weight Lifting | 2017 Trends

Just read a great article in the Wall Street Journal (link below) yesterday about Women and weight lifting and how this movement is starting to take off. Weight lifting was huge in the 1980's, but so was the aerobic movement. It was exciting times, especially if you were able to participate or go to the gyms back then. They were always packed, people were lifting weights, spotting, talking about techniques, diets, etc. If you grew up back then, you learned a lot about lifting, but it was also a center for socializing and really developing some great friendships too.Well, when 1990's came and then 2000, it sort of diminished, but with the emergence of crossfit, olympic and power lifting becoming popular again, more and more individuals are interested in weight lifting, which is awesome. Women on the other hand were still intimated by the fact that the free weight area was always busy, and they did not want to ask if they could work in or if someone could lend a spot. That is probably the difference in today's gym setting and the 1980's. It was okay to work in with a complete stranger or to ask someone for a spot. It was not a problem, because we were all there for the same purpose.Now it is 2016 & 2017 is just around the corner, and the smaller studios and some bigger gyms noticed that women are interested in weight lifting, but they need the opportunity and environment to learn, get frequency, but also feel comfortable. That is when certain classes started to not only incorporate weights, but to have heavier weights. The old misconception that you are going to get big and bulky is fading away. Yes, you will gain more lean muscle mass and if that equates to more muscle, then that is great! Women are becoming okay with this muscle growth because they know it will help them with osteoporosis and the depletion of muscle. It is never to late to start, but you need to start.When we age, if we are not using our muscles, then we will lose them.  Our body is meant to move, so if we are not doing the basics, then our body will start to atrophy, and that is when you will see bone & muscle discrepancies. According to the Wall Street Journal article , with the development of classes to teach more women the benefits of weight lifting, it is going to give them more confidence to go out in the weight room and work out with their counterparts. This will not only be great for everyone, but it will create a diverse base out on the weight lifting floor, which is much needed. In addition, when looking at this for the fitness industry, this will allow women to also feel more comfortable training or spotting men or women who demand higher resistance levels. This can either be in lifting or spotting heavier weights, or doing movements with weights that require a higher level of skill and ability. If you are a Portland personal trainer or fitness coach, being able to lift at certain weights, intensities, etc., not only builds a person's confidence, but it will instill confidence in the person you are personal training or working out with.Wall Street Journal link to article (click here)The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241