Why is the Burpee so Challenging | Full Body Ballistic Movement

The Full Body BurpeeWhey is it so challenging? When you mention the word "Burpee" to any fitness enthusiast, they say "Argh". I do not think there is any one person out there that absolutely loves doing burpees. But one can say, they really do a great job making sure the body is tired, sweating and feeling a great muscle lactic acid burn. So why are they so challenging?One reason is because they involve the whole body, including the legs. Whenever you get the legs involved, they create more demand from the heart and lungs, because they need oxygen for those large muscles. If a person is used to doing push-ups, planks but not do jumping two times for one exercise, this is why? A burpee involves a ballistic jump when you are in full body plank and when you are in a vertical stance to complete the move, and then again to start the exercise. So that is three times that you have to lift those legs in dynamic ways, which can be very taxing to the entire body.Then when you have to throw in a full body push-up, partial plank, to a lower ab crunch into a jump, they whole body is working! The one thing that the burpee does lack is a pulling motion, so that would be a great way to add that into the burpee. Maybe add renegade rows into the routine would be a great way to make this a whole body exercise! They could be called Renegade Row Burpees!The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241