Why Don't Some Workout | Portland Personal Trainer

Why Don’t You Work Out? It’s a pondering question, but a serious health risk too. It’s ponders the fitness communityIt seems that motivation and even the initial spark to even start a fitness program is super challenging for some individuals. The crazy part is that even though the biggest excuse people make is time, with the second excuse being money; they usually have plenty of both.I know you are probably saying that this is ludicrous, but it is true. If people truly want to create lasting impact in their lives, they will choose to make time and they will choose to spend wisely. It all comes to down to what you really want and choices. It seems simple, but even the uber wealthy fail at it.For some, health, wellness and fitness is huge component of their lives and they see value in keeping their bodies healthy, because you only get one of them. For others, it is not a priority and they hope that a pill, a drug will hopefully stall any detriments that may happen in the future, and that’s when they will start their fitness program. For some, it will be too late. In our lingo, we call it the point of no return. Once you get put on cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure drugs, your time is pretty much on borrowed time.The real work happens before you get put on any drug. If you get put on a cholesterol drug, that is not the end of the world. A lot of that comes from genetics and if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will live a normal healthy life according to physicians.What about the individual who is successful, in their 30’s, is 50 pounds overweight and knows it. In addition, they are married, have children and a beautiful spouse. We must step outside of our fitness box and look at it a different angle. Why aren’t they taking care of their health? They know they are overweight; the mirror and scale do not lie. Let’s just say that money is not an object, and they can make time for it. What is it then?One possible answer is that they may not see the value in working out, hiring a trainer or even losing weight. They know how they felt when they were weighing less and younger, but it’s not like their spouse is going to divorce them for being unhealthy or their kids are not going to love them any different.When it comes to the role of the personal trainer, fitness professional or even physician, they can only do so much. The doctor can write a prescription, let the individual know the risks involved in doing nothing and prescribe both drugs and advice to get in better shape and health, but it ultimately must come from the individual who wants to change.If the person who is obese, has high blood pressure, and knows they are overweight, but does not feel that it is a risk, then they are not going to change or shift their ways. The best trainer, best doctor and even a lovely spouse will change their mind.  And this is when the other side of the story takes place!Usually it takes something detrimental to create change in these individuals. For the person who is successful in their young 30’s who has a great work life, home life, etc., usually a heart attack, diabetic issues or even extreme high blood pressure is what will do the trick. It is sad to say that, but usually these individuals are so set in their ways, mother nature needs to stop them in their tracks to really shed light on the things they have neglected.You only get one body, one life and the ultimate opportunity on how you want to live it. Why would you want to live it unhealthy and end it early? The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241