Which exercises to do in Winter?

Winter is the most rejoiced whether amongst them all. But with the chilly winds and drops in the temperature, winter also brings laziness. But that should not stop you from being healthier you, right?body sculptingDespite the laziness, and chilly weather, you should exercise to warm your body up, and also step towards a fitter you. Let’s see which exercises to do in winter?Keep your Cardio game-highCardio exercises do not require your heavy equipment and machines. It is more of a free hand thing to perform. Exercises like Jumping jacks, skipping, climbing stairs, mountain climbers, burpees, high knees, can help you to stay fitter this winter. Cardio is a very effective exercise during winter to keep your body warm.Indulge in YogaYoga is a very useful exercise to perform indoor. It enhances the health regime which you can perform basically anywhere and everywhere in your house. Be it bedroom or drawing room. Your body will be warmed up and you will also stay fit this winter. As a bonus, there is hot yoga, available in the studio which will be really comfortable during winter.Prefer CalisthenicsThis is the most free form of exercises where you do not need any types of equipment at all. Push-ups, crunches, planks, squat, chair dips, and these are the keys to keep you, fitter, this winter. Just perform three or four exercises of these on reps and you will be done for the winter season at ease.These exercises can keep your warmer fitter and healthier this winter.