What is V-Taper Training?

The “V” taper is often used to refer to the shape of the upper body and torso of a person who has a great physique as well as upper-body muscles. The torso of such individuals forms the shape of the English letter V which results from the wide and broad shoulders along with the lats which narrow down to the waist. Such a body is desired by every body builder in the gym ranging from the novice wannabe to the seasoned trainer.Over the years, male fashion sense has evolved a lot and personal trainerundergone various phases of change but one thing still remains constant. The thing which has been constant is to make the shoulders look much broader and wider as compared to the waist. The V-shape body of men is aimed to build a body which tapers from the upper body which is the shoulders to the waist giving a kind of virile look. This kind of body can be achieved by working out for few weeks. Some of the tips to get a body like that is –The V-taper kind of body can be achieved by doing various exercises which would widen the lats as well as add density on the shoulders. Such kind of physique can be obtained by doing various exercises of the form of chin up variations along with lateral raises.For every man, building the V-shape taper starts off with building the lats. In order to achieve that the individuals should have a broad back and this is essential to building a taper V body.