What is our Secret Sauce?

Our Secret Sauces is based on two percentage ingredients:50% Personal Relationship & 50%Professional Fitness Training

We would say most training places focus solely on training and forget the other part: That is why you see so many trainers texting while training clients, not paying attention to their form, or just not giving them the proper amount of customer service. It can be embarrassing to see a trainer at a gym or at another personal training studio make their client get their weights, rack their weights, not refill their client's water bottles, or make them bring their own towel.First, our philosophy is to build a relationship with each client from day one. We are in the luxury service industry, so our goal is give the client the best customer service experience as possible, but in a private, boutique training studio. We are here help our client build and adopt a lifestyle of health, wellness and fitness, and that takes time. There is no quick fix, each and every client needs to commit, and we will be there to provide the blueprint.Second, we are here to be a teacher, trainer, confidant and to push each and every client out of their comfort zone! But this is based on the goals shared. Our second ingredient is based on a mixture of resistance (bodyweight or a variety of external weights), intervals, cardiorespiratory, high intensity exercises, plyometric, stability, functional movements and stretching to activate both your aerobic and anaerobic systems. All of these will be through progressions and the way we structure our workouts for each client. Not everyone is the same, so some individuals will come to us more advanced, have a life long history of fitness, or are novices, solely runners or bikers. It also helps that we have a total of 40 years of combined fitness & training experience to mold all of these components together.Third, we are not here to bark at you about what you eat, but we are here to coach you in looking at the choices  you make about your food, drink and snack intake throughout the day. We can connect with our clients through their IOS or Android apps, like MyFitnessPal and have access to what each person is eating that day and throughout the week, so this will help with accountability. In addition, if  a client is on the go, slammed at work, or just has so many hours in the day to shop, cook and eat, we can assist in finding you the right person to help you with meal preparation on a weekly basis.Right now we are offering 2 complimentary personal training sessions for new potential clients, so come on in and see why we are the highest rated, reviewed and respected personal training studio in Portland, Oregon.Thank You,The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241