What is Muscular Soreness | How Long will it Last?

I have often other blog posts on delayed onset muscular soreness or DOMS and what that is. We have all been sore, but there are times when you start getting sore or stiff not that many hours after an exercise. A perfect example is if you love to run on the treadmill or other cardio types of machines, but then you take your activity outside. Let me give you another example. Lets say you love to run on the treadmill, but then one weekend you decide to do a similar run outside, like a 10k or 12k. Is there a difference on how you should you feel? The answer would be big YES! So why is this?When you run on a treadmill or do long bouts on other cardio machines, you are victims to your own circumstances. Meaning, the environment is fixed and the only way to change it is to either, increase your speed, increase or decrease your inclines, or increase the resistance. When you are outside in the real world you are going to encounter a lot of other variables like: wind, cold, heat, glare, ground reactions forces of different types, inclines, declines, uneven terrain, rolling hills, other runners, obstacles, etc. Some would say it is easier on the mind to run outside, because you are constantly changing the scenery, which can keep your mind busy exploring while you exercise. The other option is too look at a wall, mirror or other gym customers sweating on a treadmill or elliptical .Back to the story! So yes, when you are running outside your body is constantly getting challenged by different stimuli and variables and your muscles need to react to all of that. When this happens, different muscles and fibers are going to be recruited to help out, which may not happen when you are on permanent cardio machine, because it is a fixed device. So the distance of what you usually do is the same, but by encountering all of those other variables, this can create muscle soreness, stiffness and maybe even exhaustion a lot quicker than you are expecting.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241