What is exactly High-intensity interval training?

Fitness freaks, weight watchers and those who want to get slim, try all sorts of exercise routines. High-intensity interval training is one of the exercise procedures which help in burning fat effectively.


Well for starters let’s see what exactly does this training mean. The high- interval intensity training means training very vigorously for a certain period of time, then slowing the training for an interval and then again hit to a vigorous workout.




To give an example let’s take a girl jogging while doing normal walking at normal speed for say 10 mins, she will increase the speed to an extreme level of jogging for next 10minutes, after that again resume to normal walk for next 10 mins and so on.


In this work out regime during the intense work out period, you need to push yourself to the ultimate limit of breathlessness. The point when you are out of your breath that the point when you slow down the pace, not stop it.




There are many theories and researches conducted on this specific work out. It is being said that a small time of high-intensity interval training can burn more calories than that of normal workout training.


This works out increases your stamina as every time you push your limits a little farther.


It is also said that there is more fat burning in this work out than that of normal exercise training.


The bonus of this workout is that you do not need any equipment for your workout; you can just do it on your own!

training very vigorously for a certain period of time

training very vigorously for a certain period of time