Weight Training for Women | The Positive Benefits | Myths

Women will Not Bulk up Like a Man!Why are still so many women insisting that if they lift weights or do any type of resistance exercise they are going to get bulky! It is not true! Genetics play a huge role in this, and if you have predisposition to add a certain amount of muscle in certain regions, then you need to train smart and not do certain exercises with external resistance in those areas. For example, if you genetically will get broader shoulders by doing lateral raises, then don’t do lateral raises. Pick another exercise that will work the shoulder muscles without focusing so much on that specific muscle group.Weight Training for WomenWe believe that the 80’s played a huge role in making women think that since those bodybuilders both on stage an on film are huge from lifting weights, then it will happen to women too. That is not true!More and more research is beginning to reveal that weight lifting is the fountain of youth for both male and females.You need to look at how we use to move before the industrial revolution. We walked more, did more manual labor, lifted heavier objects throughout the day, etc. All of these errands and work that were done on the land, in the house and in life, involved handling external resistance to finish a task. The gym, fitness studio or exercise place that you go to, has just added these objects in the form of weights, TRX system, barbells, medicine balls, body weight training, plyometric boxes, etc. Our bodies are meant to lift, push, jump, walk, run and rest. We were not meant to sit at desk, look at a monitor, get up and move only an hour day, eat a lot and then go to sleep. Were are meant to stand, move a whole lot more, not look at screens and go find our food, versus putting it in a shopping cart.So women, research has also shown that you need to lift weights in order to keep your bone density at par. If you continue not to exercise, not to challenge your muscles, your bones are going to get weaker, you muscles are going to atrophy (get small and weak) and you will be more prone to injury and illness.Now, it is your time to move! It is amazing that a lot of females out there still believe this tall tale of adding a resistance training component to your routine is going to just make you look big. It is the total opposite. It is going to make you stronger, create more muscular endurance, create tighter areas that are presently lose, and make you feel a whole lot better.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241