Weight Training | Burn Out Sets

In weight training, what is a burn out set? Do not get this confused with a super set. A burn out set is when you are doing consecutive sets and the last one or two sets you  fatigue the muscle even more by dropping the weight  to get  more repetitions. For example, if you are doing biceps curls with 35lb dumbbells and you are getting 6 reptitions on your 4th and last set, you are going to drop the weight down to 25 lbs and try to get another 6 repetitions. When you get to 4 or 6 repetitions, you are going to drop the weight to 17.5 lbs and do your best to get 15 to 20 repetitions, and this will completely fatigue your muscles. The reason we do burn out sets is  to break down the muscle in order to get stronger, increase hypertrophy and build up our lactid acid threshold.Thank You,Kisar S. Dhillon