Weight Obsession | Focus On Consistency & Frequency| Portland Personal Trainer

Do Not Obsess About YOUR WEIGHT! You want to obsess about  how frequent you are exercising, how consistent you are with the intensity of those workouts,  and that there is an accountability component present.  If  you are missing one of those three variables: Frequency, Consistency & Accountability then you may want to consider seeking Portland personal trainer or fitness professional in your area.  Here is a quick synopsis about weight loss: 

  1. If you working out hard and your diet is somewhat decent, you are going to lose weight
  2. If you making a conscious effort to eat better, your exercise intensity is challenging and your are getting most days in exercising, you will lose weight and inches
  3. If you are using an app or journal for your food, you are working out two times per week with a personal trainer and you are doing someone outside work too, you are GETTING RESULTS!
  4. If you are doing everything mentioned above and you are sticking with it for at least 90 days, you are going to be surprised what you are going to accomplish. 
You see, the weight will come off, but so many individuals are focusing on the wrong component. You need to do the work in order to get the results. You need to put the intensity into each workout, the frequency in per week and making sure you true to yourself. If you are busting your hump, but drinking three glasses of wine per night, there is not reason to blame anyone else, except yourself. Be honest with what you put in your mouth, because it will make a huge difference in inches lost, body fat percentage fluctuations and of course, weight loss. The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite #137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241