Weight Lifting is the Fountain of Youth

What are some positive aspects of weight lifting? If you were to even look back into the early 1990’s, weightlifting was still a male dominated hobby. It wasn’t until the medical community really started to let individuals know what the significance it has on helping maintain bone density, especially with osteoporosis and osteopenia sufferers.Weight Lifting is the fountain of youth!This brought more awareness to businesses for their employees and started to have bone density screenings during open enrollment season for company insurance. One of the popular tests that was being done and was free to employees was a bone density scan, which could help all genders identify any precursors which could be relayed to their physician for further testing. Once the medical community and patients started to really understand the importance of exercise, resistance training and always challenging the body on daily basis, weight lifting started to make a huge comeback.Top 10 Reasons why Weight Lifting is great for you

  1. Increased lean muscle tissue and a decrease in adipose (fat)
  2. Increased metabolism (Resting Basal Metabolic Rate)
  3. For aesthetics: body starts to tighten up in areas that may have been neglected from low activity levels and help with reversing atrophy (loss of muscle)
  4. Maintain bone density levels and may increase in some situations.
  5. Maintain strong ligaments, tendons and surrounding tissues.
  6. Improve muscle weakness that may have been causing other pains in the body: Cause and Effect situation when stabilizers or a certain major muscle groups are weak and has created an imbalance in the body that can result in pain. Certain resistance training, especially in physical therapy, can correct these issues and start the path to a less pain and better comfort levels.
  7. Better mood! Everyone always feels better when they are doing something active that is great for their body and well-being. Especially if you notice that your body is getting strong, leaner and you are noticing it.
  8. Boosting confidence levels! This just goes with action of partaking in a consistent health and fitness program.
  9. They say weightlifting is the fountain of youth. Partaking in resistance training will greatly reduce the effects that gravity has on our body. We must do our best to stay strong throughout all the different stages of life. Gravity wants to get us, and weightlifting will give us a fighting chance.
  10. Weight lifting is something that can be done in the gym, with your Portland personal trainer, at the grocery store, in the garden, etc. Just remember that you want to challenge those muscles, so do your best to remember that. If you need to use a wheel barrel in the garden, then use it, but make sure you are using your legs, keeping those muscles tight and take the long cut, don’t do the short cut. Make it an exercise, so you are tackling two things at once.
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