Wavering Resolutions | Week of Failure | Portland Personal Training

Wavering ResolutionsIt’s getting on into the latter half of January, which means only one thing: New Year’s Resolutions are starting to come apart at the seams.  The initial commitment and excitement of working out is starting to wear off, and it’s becoming easier and easier to convince yourself that you don’t have to hit the gym.  Studies show that it’s the third week in January when resolutions start to waver, but it takes about another forty or so days for your resolution to work out every day to become a habit.There are some tricks you can employ to help stave off the inevitable collapse of the resolution.  One of them is to simply gut it out – to work out every day regardless of what else is going on in your life.  Another is to make a schedule, to tell yourself that you will go on a run or lift weights every day at 5 pm.  By giving yourself a time and an activity to do, you’ll be more likely to stick with it, and a habit will eventually form.  A final thing to do, if you are truly wavering on your commitment to the resolution, is to find someone that will hold you accountable, such as a personal trainer.  The personal trainer will make appointments with you and expect you to keep them; making you accountable!The third week in January is the most crucial time to stick with a New Year’s resolution, because that is the time that it is most likely to fail.  But if you stick with it for a few more weeks, the resolution you made will become a habit, and working out will no longer be something you need to think about and consider.  It will be something you do.   If you feel that you are just losing that momentum of just don't want to get out of bed or out the door, you may want to consider hiring a fitness professional or Portland personal trainer to bring that energy and excitement back!