Walking is Amazing For You | Portland Fitness

There is just some days when you are slammed with just life. We totally understand that some days you are scheduled with your Portland personal trainer and you cannot make it. What's even more challenging is that you are supposed to go for a great hike with friends, but you just cannot fit in those four hours, so what is one to do? Well, just go for a long walk. If you cannot make it long, then make it very brisk and get that body core temperature warmed up. Walking QuoteOne of the best forms of exercise you can do is to walk, which a lot of us do not even engage in on a daily basis. Our body's are meant to move throughout the day, not sit. There is time for sitting and that should be when you are eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom or just taking a small break. Our society has it the other way around and there are companies capitalizing on this with ergonomic creations that are forcing us to move, stand, etc; which is awesome!What we have heard from many clients, friends, family members and just strangers, is that walking is boring and we want to feel the burn like we are actually doing something. When it comes down to it, the body just needs to be in action most of the day and when it is time to relax, then you sleep! I think as a society, we have gotten caught up with all of the fitness videos on television/computer and not realizing that all of those cool movements have a time and place to be incorporated into a health and fitness routine.If you are a novice to fitness or you need to lose more than fifty pounds, then we strongly encourage adding a walking component to your program. This will not only start to strengthen the smaller muscles and stabilizers in the lower body, but it will get your body accustomed to just moving, sweating and creating awareness with your body about exercise.  Your initial goal is to master a walking program. When you are consistent with that, then add another item to that list. That could be integrating weight lifting a few times per week or even adding inclines to your walking, which can include stairs, etc.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241