Portland Personal Trainer | Using Technology to Run or Just Map it Out?

I remember when I first used a polar heart monitor in my exercise physiology class in undergraduate studies and I hated it. I had to wear that plastic bar underneath my chest and then wait for the signals to connect with the watch, it was just uncomfortable. Ever since then I tried to keep it simple when I would run. With the latest and greatest technology, it seems that Garmin and a lot of the fitness companies have come up with some really cool technology to map out your running courses and distances to the exact mile (give or take a step); but the old school methods still work just fine.The one piece of advice that I tell people is that technology can sometimes not work when you want it to and you don't want that happening when you are running, especially in unfamiliar territory. It is always good to have a back up plan and that is mapping it out, or driving the distance when coming home from work or if have some extra time one day. If you have to run 15 miles, it would be great to know key landmarks when you are in that area. If you are just going to run five miles then just the technology will do, but when you are running in excess of 15 to 20 miles, then map it out on Google, Yahoo or MapQuest. I would also  drive it so you know what the area looks like.This is a smart, sensible and safer way to do run versus running blindly in areas you have never been or do not know anything about. Lastly, leave a note or tell someone where your half way point is so your loved ones and/or friends know where you are at.Thanks,Kisar S. Dhillon