Uses of an Exercise Ball

You all are familiar with an exercise ball in the gym, yoga studio, and if you are in a cool office, then there as well. It is a large inflated rubber ball helps you in exercise. It has various names like Yoga ball, Swiss ball, and fitness ball. When you sit on an exercise ball and try maintaining a 90° angle, your body automatically becomes active as you will need to use almost all your muscles to maintain the balance. It is used for cardio exercises, stretching and much more. Let’s figure out.Fitness Trainer PortlandStretchingStretching is a great exercise and also a relaxing one. You can sit on the ball in 90° angle and slowly allow your body to lay back on your backside on the ball. It supports your body in a difficult position and helps you up-game you’re balancing. The stretch over the ball feels great after a good tiring day, relaxing your whole body, getting you a refreshing feel.A good spineIf you are having back pain issues, an exercise ball is probably the best cardio for you. When you stretch over the ball, it is very healthy to your spine as all the cores and joints get a proper exercise. And with an effect, the back pain will get lessen with time.Core trainingAs the demand for stability increases in your shoulder, hip and core muscle, the exercise ball helps in building up the core strength. In fact, the simplest of exercise like crunch get more interesting and way more effective on a ball, as all the muscles automatically struggle more to balance your body on the ball. In a study, it is shown; up to 35% more effect can be achieved just using an exercise ball during crunches.