Trim down your waist in just a month

Since long it is considered that the fittest only survives. With time people have forgotten this and indulged in daily sins of luxurious food and junk. This has led to accumulation of fat in the human body so much that it has turned into obesity. You may find ways to shed those extra kilos which you need to. Especially when those are accumulated on your waist.calf workoutBelly fat is the most stubborn kind of fat that do not wish to leave you early. Yet with these little tips you can conquer in a month–

  1. Ginger Tea
Ginger is such an ingredient which gives 100% assurance about dealing with your belly fat. You can easily trim down a few inches with this magic ingredient. Especially when you use it and prepare ginger tea it works like magic and will prompt and fast about giving positive results.
  1. Planking
The most effective exercise that is sure to help you deal with belly fat and loose down a few inches from your waist is planks. Planking itself is a hard exercise and doing it for 30secs everyday is sure to exhibit positive result.
  1. Honey instead of Sugar
Sugar is a deadly ingredient that can not only cause diabetes but also aid in weight gain. Hence instead of sugar use honey as a substitute.
  1. Cut on Carbs.
Rice is one of the biggest source of carbs which when taken in increases weight. Cutting on the intake of carbohydrates will surely help you to trim your waist in as quickly as a month.