Top Gym Ab Workouts for Women to Get Flat Stomach

Flat stomach or a to need belly or Ab is a wish of all. There are many who are obsessed with flat stomach and for them there are various temptations but you need to choose the right thing to get the desired body. when you think of working out in gym then also you need to take up the right exercise so that you can get flat stomach in less time and can flaunt your perfect body.womens fitnessBelow are some exercises which you undercut know so that you can get a perfectly fined flat belly which will make you look good and confident:

  1. Stability ball pelvic tilt crunch: Grab a 5 or 20 pound medicine ball and lie with face up on a stability ball. Brave your abs and scrunched until your shoulders are off the ball. This works on your chest, hips, abs and glutes.
  2. Walk the plank and rotate: Get in the plank position making your hands 12 to 18 inch gap. Put your weight on the left arm and rotate your body while raising the right arm towards the ceiling. Repeat this with the other hand. This exercise works on your entire core, chest, back, hips and shoulders.
There ae various other exercises which you can do to flatten tour stomach and can get the desired body. All you need to do is do them correctly and you will get the perfect toned belly. But before that you can try the dive mentioned exercises.