Toning up the Lower Body

A linear structure is something we all crave for. However, more than often we see disproportionate fat distribution in the body. People with broad bone structures tend to bulk up more in the thigh, hips and, waistline areas. Keep your body hydrated and your diet low in carbohydrates and calories. Combine it with squats, lunges and cardiovascular exercises to tone up the bulked up trendsPower Exercises to FollowStrength training helps in burning calories more effectively. Trimming the body fat in these bulged areas will lend to the body a toned and shapely look. Here are a few power exercises to follow-

  • Aerobic exercises help to burn the fat in the inner thighs and whole body as well. Stair climbing, brisk walking and cycling it increases the metabolism rate and tones up the body.
  • Hinging Deadlift for this just grab a pair of dumbbells and stand with feet apart. Lean forward and bend over to place the dumbbell to the ground till you align it with the torso. Do 20 reps total.
  • Pile Squats-keep the back straight and stand half squatting. Push down the glutes and thighs as low as possible and spring back to the original position. This increases strength and mobility.
  • Side- Stepping Curtsy is a core exercise that targets the hips, glutes and, thighs. Stand with legs apart and hands to the back. Lower down and cross right leg over left in a curtsy lunge and tap the ground. Keep alternating sides and do 20 reps.
  • External Hip Raise-this tones and strengthens the hip and waistline. Lie on the ground on your right arm and forearm. Loop a resistance band around your feet. Then lift one leg up above hip level pause and return to hip height. Switch sides and repeat it 20 times.
You can also try a combination of standing side-kick, leg raise and leg lift exercises to achieve a toned body. Tone up with these power exercises for a sculpted look and body.