Tips to do better push ups

Before getting into hardcore exercise you must learn the basics of the push-up. Theoretically, it is very easy to understand. But doing practically with an accurate procedure is very difficult.exerciseBeginner-levelTake a view of these points.

  • Take a proper inclination from a surface higher than ground like a wall, table, chair, etc.
  • Keep your hands at a proper distance, generally greater than chest width.
  • Try to push the wall to get familiar about the force generated at your chest and muscles.Perform a couple of sets of 10 reps each in the beginning and take an interval of 10-15 minutes between the sets.
Improve your strengthKeep these points in mind while doing a push-up with the correct method.
  • Keep your feet together and broaden your hand slightly more than chest width.
  • The whole body should be maintained at the same height, a few inches from the ground. From the top view, your arms should be inclined 45 degrees against the horizontal plane.
  • Instead of pushing your body push the ground. Your body weight during push-up is centered from your elbow to other parts of your body, distributed evenly.
Increase your levelOnce you are confident with your basic level push-ups, upgrade yourself for correcting your hand position. Try to practice 3 sets daily with 20-30 reps per set. Intervals between the sets are necessary to help your muscle regain strength to do the next reps. Get a proper regime and timeline of doing the exercise.