Things to Know Before Lifting Weights in Gyms

Out of the many New Year resolutions, going to the gym has been your top favorite. Well, everything has its day one and when it is about hitting the gym, it is better if you remember a few things. Of course, you are not going to read about fitness tips, but the basic things before you start lifting weights.Lead Portland personal trainer, Peter Fuller, showing us how to spot a client correctly

  • Warming Up Is A Necessary
You finally managed yourself inside of the room. All around you can find big guys doing push-ups and lifting tons. You can also hear a guy growling as he pushes himself up one last time. Do not start flying with all these. You should rather start to warm yourself up. Begin with some basic free-hand exercises. Yes, it is necessary before you go for the dumbbells.
  • Gym Manners Are Necessary Too
Starting your life at the gym, you will find a lot of annoying creatures. While some will talk loudly on their phones, some will spill some health drink on the floor. You will also find one or two lovebird couples who have more interests in clicking selfies than working out. Do not be any of these creeps. Have some basic etiquette. Avoid being the one whom everyone else hates. Take this as a lesson before you start lifting weights.
  • Maintain A Disciplined Workout Session
Of all the other things, you should learn to master discipline first. Just hoping to the gym and starting to lift weights will not make you achieve anything. Also, remember not to push beyond the limits too much, or you can seriously hurt yourself.Gym sessions can be fun and energetic. Stick to what your trainer says. That will be best for you.