The Sarape Effect | Generating Trunk Rotation for Sports or Fitness routines

What is this Sarape Effect? Basically, this is a basic concept of developing excellent trunk rotation that is well timed. If you were to hit a baseball and get an excellent hit it can be broken down to see how that happened. First you need to ask yourself, what is the optimum movement that is needed to generate the result that I want. If you hit that ball and it is not what you wanted, then what can we look at. Well, everything starts from the legs. Regardless what your buddies say in the gym or your friend who has an awesome upper body physique but no lower body, listen to what I have to say first. Power, stability, excellent results all start from the ground, feet and the legs. If you have the proper foot placement and your legs have enough power to generate what you want to achieve, then it will next travel to the hips, then the trunk. If any of the beginning steps are off, it will create a chain reaction causing you to miss the ball or create a result that you did not want.

Thanks,Kisar Dhillon

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