The Personal Trainer | Why is Weight Loss so Hard?

I am first going to look at this in a rational point of view: Calories In versus Calories Out. This is a basic formula, if you eat less and move more you will lose weight, if you don't, you will maintain or gain weight. There are some exceptions to the rules if you have endocrine or menopause types of problems.Now, for the individuals who need to lose a lot of weight, I know it can be the mental anguish of the time frame that needs to be endured for this weight to come off, and some people are not willing to wait that long. With weight gain comes a lot of other problems: joint pain, loss of cartilage in joints, skin sores, stretch marks, hernias (unnoticed), un-noticed pregnancies, cleanliness issues, foot problems, cardiorespiratory issues, societal stigmas, and the cost of food that was ingested to gain that much weight.This is the big one for me, especially when someone who needs to lose weight t says they cannot afford to go the gym, but they probably spent tens of thousands of dollars gaining an extra 100lbs. Do you know it takes 3500 extra calories to gain one pound of fat, and you burn calories by doing nothing!The point I am making is that with weight gain comes issues, and when the issues are not resolved the body & mind will breakdown. When you take those two variables and do nothing about changing their patterns that is when excuses will be used to justify the weight gain (viscous cycle). You only have one life, so do whatever it takes to make it healthier. If you know you cannot hold yourself accountable, pay someone. If you need a partner to exercise with, find one or hire a personal trainer.America is the fattest nation on the planet, but we are one of the richest nations too (at least we once were).  We eat and drink too much, and we do not move enough. Make 2012 a year that you are going to move more and take your fitness to the next level.Thanks,Kisar S. Dhillon