The Other Runners Workout | Portland, Oregon

If you are looking for a runner's workout here is a simple workout you can do. In addition, we want you to pay attention to runners, especially here in Portland, Oregon who solely just run and neglect all of the other muscles in the body.  You can tall that their chest muscles are really tight and their upper back muscles are weak. You can notice this discrepancy by looking at their posture: rounded shoulders & a protruding head forward tilt.  A runner needs to workout the entire body if they want to be strong, have great muscular endurance and correct muscle balance!Warm up:

  • Jog
  • Drills
o   Butt kickso   High kneeso   Zombieso   Lateral shuffleso   Grapevineso   Forward jumpso   Bunny hopso   Short sprintWorkout
  • Legs
o   Squats
  • Going from light to heavier weight, decrease reps
  • Jumps – vertical and horizontal, to build explosiveness
o   Deadlifts
  • Light to heavy, decreasing reps
o   Lateral squat walks w/ bando   Adductor work w/ band
  • Back
o   Pullups/lat pulldowno   dumbbell rows
  • To decrease the runners hunch, help them run tall, open up the lungs
  • Lighter weight here
  • Chest
o   Pushups/dumbbell press
  • Move to clapping pushups as they become stronger
  • Arms/shoulders
    • Again, lighter weights here with higher reps
o   Military presso   Curlso   Tricep pulldownso   Weighted runner swings
  • Core
o   Planks
  • Prone, supine, side
o   Supermanso   Leg liftso   Cruncheso   Russian twistso   Oblique crunchesCooldown
  • Full body stretch
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