The Motivation to Workout | Tackling those Fitness Excuses | 2017

In a lot of places her in the United States, going outside is a challenge. Why? The weather is super cold, it is wet, there is a ton of snow, etc. BUT, those are just excuses. Yes, those are just excuses. We can understand if your are sick, you are ordered to stay indoors until you get well, or you do not want to expose your illness to others (being responsible), then yes, that is valid. For others, if those excuses are just excuses, then those are not valid. For example, here are few that can be overcome:

  1. I just don't know where to go or start. Well, in most cities across the United States, even in those small towns that you just pass by in a blink of an eye, there is somewhere to workout. You can always have a personal trainer come to your house or you can go to a YMCA or community center that offers group classes at a great price.
  2. I hate to run or do any of that hard pounding stuff! Well, you do not have to run. Even though running is a great cardio vascular workout for weight loss and reducing body fat, there are plenty of other ways to lose body fat, lose weight and get the benefits of aerobic exercise. For example, longer bouts of walking, hiking, using the stair climber or step-mill at the gym, cycling, taking a spin class, working your fitness level up to doing a HIIT (high intensity interval training) or taking a interval training group fitness class.
  3. You do not have time! This is probably the worse excuse you can make and it is LAME! Everyone has time to workout. Either it be 15 minutes to 90 minutes. You can work yourself into a sweat within 10 minutes which can having lasting effects on your mind, body, heart and even those around you. When you workout, you feel great. When you feel great, you are in a better mood. When you are in a better mood, others around will see that, and they will respond to you in a more positive manner. It is a win-win in all ways.
  4. I just can't get motivated! Well, you need to get motivated. There are plenty of ways to get you out of your funk, and one way is to get out of your house once per day. Make it a goal that you need to leave your house to either go for a walk, meet with your Portland personal trainer (if you live in PDX) or sign up for a group fitness class nearby or at your community center and make it a consistent habit. You are not only going to be meeting new people, but you are going to start feeling better, that is a guarantee!
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