The Green Microgym: A Leader in Sustainable Fitness

By Kisar S. Dhillon • For

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With so much emphasis being placed on the environment during the past 20 years, there have been various businesses spawned from the green, sustainable movement. In the fitness industry, it seems that it has been a slow crawl, but there is one fitness facility that is becoming the pioneer in utilizing green fitness technology in all aspects of being eco-friendly to the environment.Portland, Oregon has led the way in green building, so it's only fitting that one of the most innovative and sustainable gyms in the nation resides in this city. The Green Microgym is an example of what's possible for the fitness industry and the future of gyms in America.Through its efforts, the Green Microgym has been able to comparatively save in one year the equivalency of reducing carbon emissions by 74,000 pounds, 81,400 miles driven, and 15 acres of planted trees. Here are just a few of the things the Green Microgym is doing to be "green."

What makes the Green Microgym "green"?

  • The gym uses energy-producing equipment, including Plugout Fitness Ellipticals and Spin Bikes; 30 minutes of vigorous exercise on their equipment can create five cell phone charges, seven hours of Ipad usage, or seven hours of CFL lighting.
  • The gym uses Sportsart-brand treadmills that use 30 percent less electricity than regular models. Members turn off cardio treadmills after usage, and raising the treadmill to a 15-degree incline reduces the electricity by 50 percent, because your body weight helps move the belt.
  • The gym created a Members Reward Program through the Supportland Network called Burn and Earn, where accumulated watts generated can earn local business gift cards.
  • The gym has EcoFicient Fitness Training for members. Time is a non-renewable resource, so effectiveness, efficiency and the environment is taught to create a win-win training model.
  • The gym uses member-controlled lights, televisions, and fans that are turned on only when needed.
  • Educational information is posted to inform members how much electricity certain appliances consume.
  • The gym uses all-natural, non-VOC cleaning supplies, hand soap, and ecycled papers products only.
  • There are energy-efficient ceiling fans, compact fluorescent lighting and LCD televisions (not plasma).
  • The gym utilizes eco-friendly building construction materials, including recycled rubber and Marmoleum flooring.
  • There are solar panels installed on the building exterior.
  • There are no sales of plastic water bottles.
Being green is something that members of any fitness facility can become involved in. When members know they are creating less of a carbon footprint on the environment, they are excited about making a difference. It is amazing to see members take the time to turn off the equipment, turn off the lights when they are leaving, or utilize the plug out fitness bikes to give back to the power grid. Fitness is fun, so why not make it something that can benefit you and the environment.Active logo Find a fitness class.
Kisar S. Dhillon is a professional fitness trainer living in Portland, Oregon. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology, Post Baccalaureate Studies in Exercise Physiology and a Master's in Business Administration. He has more than 16 years experience in the health and fitness industry and is currently the owner of 1-2-1 Fitness, LLC. You can follow him on Twitter and on YouTube.
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