The Graphic Designer | Their Movement During The Day

Computer PostureWe all know that we need to move more, especially when we are at work! So many of us who work at place of employment sit at a desk and if you are lucky, it is a standing desk. But not everyone has awesome employers who know the benefit of having a healthy workforce and encouraging them to get out from their desks, go for a walk or participate in some type of health and fitness program with co-workers. We have a company that is surrounded by a lot of creative cultured companies, and as we know, graphic designers, coders, and the creative individuals who are pounding at the keyboard, using Photoshop and creating amazing wonders on their screen, tend to not move at all. There is so much demand for their services from the major companies, that they will sit at their desks for hours on end and forget to even go to the bathroom. They will get food that is easy find and if they do get a chance to go home, they will pound the keyboard even more because they are probably on a deadline.At our personal training studio, we train the creative and the reason they hire us is for them to have an appointment and accountability to force themselves to move and work towards having healthier habits. When someone is younger, they can work all night on caffeine drinks, but when you start to get older and sleep is your friend, other things start to take a toll on your body. I feel that more and more companies who are in the creative space are coming to realization that their workforce needs to be healthier, happier and appreciated. That is why we have been getting a lot of request to start helping these companies with their employees, especially in the technology and creative design industry. They are wanting us to come in and create a fitness atmosphere that builds comrade, accountability and hopefully, a healthier individual! We are here to bring health, fitness and wellness to an industry that really needs it the most!The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241