The Benefit of Body-Weight | Resistance Training

Body-weight exercising is probably the oldest form of resistance training, besides maybe lifting rocks or carrying dead animals home for food.  In fact, body-weight training is one of the most functional forms of resistance training.  After all, what is more functional than being able to lift or propel one’s body in any way that is necessary?A traditional body-weight setup, with a pull-up bar as the only tool, is a perfectly acceptable method of exercise, and can improve strength and agility incredibly. Body-weight training includes a number of exercises that require no equipment whatsoever, like push-ups, jump squats and calf raises.  These are basic movements and are easy to do at home or on the road.  Because they require no equipment, however, they also can only be manipulated in so many ways.  They can certainly be made harder or easier, but the benefit of a body-weight squat will only take you so far without added resistance.  That’s where weight training comes in.However, there are tools out there that make it possible to make body-weight training harder without adding weight.  The TRX, so popular in the studio, is one of them.  The network of straps allows for more exercises to be performed than traditional body-weight training would allow.  Rows, curls, bodysaws and pikes are either made possible or made more challenging through the use of the TRX.Essentially, body-weight training is a very effective way to work out, especially if you have other tools that can enhance and modify the exercises.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241