Teen Gym Etiquette - Do's and Don'ts

Gyming or attending a gym is a good thing but you have to be very particular about few things if you want to make yourself look decent in gym. There are certain rules and regulations that every gym has. Everything is mentioned in a gym but there are few things which you need to know yourself as no one will tell you about them. There are certain gym etiquette especially for teens as they don’t give much atteKisar Dhillonntion to themselves which they need to follow while hitting the gym so that you can easily get up with everyone.Below are the do's and don’ts which you need to follow in a gym:

  1. Dress appropriately: Dressing 0properly in a gym is very important. Make sure whatever you wear is decent and clean and doesn’t make others feel embarrassing.
  2. Don’t drop the weights: If you are using weights for workouts then make sure to put them back at their original place so that other people may not trip on them.
  3. Don’t save a machine: Learn to share and don’t save a machine. Wait for your turn and give others chance as well.
  4. Do mind your business: Since yuck are going to gym for fitness purpose so make sure to mind your
  5. Don’t stare at others: Staring into acceptable. Seeing someone working out is different but staring is a big no no.
  6. Do keep back ups: Suppose you are planning to get an equipment but it is already occupied so di keep a backup plan and you will be able to utilize your time much efficiently.