Supersets that are not right for your legs

Usually, the myth related to supersets reveal that, when you do back-to-back exercises of the same type, supersets break the monotony by shocking the muscles and forcing new growth. This is, however, absolutely wrong. No one will keep on doing the same type of exercise for a great span of time. One would always be adding professional strechingmore reps or more weights to the bar.You need an adequate amount of rest between sets for both localized recovery of the muscle(flushing out lactate) as well as systematic recovery (getting your breath, getting your heart rate down and getting energized and motivated for the next set). These are enough reasons why a bodybuilder should not depend on supersets.

  • Do not focus your training on the muscle “pump” as it does not last longer than 30-60 minutes. This does not bring any significant physiological changes as growth and repair occur in the muscles after 24-48 hours following the exercise.
  • The drop-set method will not be effective if the goal is to maximize size and strength. Decreasing the weight to allow for more repetitions will cause a burning sensation within the muscle. However, the actual stimulus on the muscle fibers will be much less when doing a “regular set” as it is performed after sufficient recovery interval.
  • The drop-set technique may rob the trainee of valuable energy that will be better spent in the performance of a regular set in a higher intensity.
  • A greater caloric intake would be required to fuel the contractions and gain muscle mass by the trainee while doing a superset.
The supersets do not appear optimal for strength and size acquisition. In case of plateaus, overcoming them may require more advanced methods and programs designed based solely on the individual. One should not trust in general recommendations.