Staying Motivated: Fitness Tips from Professional Trainer Kisar Dhillon

Making your fitness goal (s) is one thing, but staying motivated to keep on doing the work to make that goal come to fruition is another. The quick rule of thumb is that the first two weeks of any fitness program is going to the most challenging. It is just like when you start a new job, there is a transition period. This period could be getting used to waking up early, nervous about meeting with your personal trainer, or just not letting your excuses get the best of you. The next step is to write out your weekly plan so you know what you need to do, what types of foods you want to eat/cook/pack and then plan for it. If you take the time to do this simple preparation, then your food should not be as challenging when you get busy during the week.You need to always have a back-up plan in case life gets in the way. If for some reason you know you have an early conference call; make arrangements to exercise after work, but let your personal trainer or workout partner know ahead of time, so you have an appointment set in stone. You always want to have a commitment, either with yourself or with other individuals because this is something that will make you accountable.Once you get into the rhythm of exercising and you are becoming more consistent, then you will want to take your fitness to a more challenging level. You will want to have goals that you need to do something that makes you sweat most days of the weak, you are eating enough fiber in your diet by ingesting enough natural fruits and vegetables, and that your diet is becoming cleaner versus when you started this program.If you can break down your fitness program into smaller components and work on them as a weekly project, then when you finish each week, you can reward yourself.  Maybe make Saturday or Sunday (not both) a time when you can have something you enjoy eating, regardless if it is healthy or not. If it is not a tasty meal that will get you excited, maybe you wanted that new pair of shoes, a purse or even a shirt that you have been gawking at, so go buy it.Thanks,Kisar S. Dhillon