Staying Fit During the Holidays This Season

Happy Holidays to everyone! As we know the holiday season is time to be with family, friends and colleagues, but it is also a time when people gain weight and lose everything they positively gained in 2011 (in the realm of fitness). How can this be? Well, it is easy: you are going to parties, eating a lot of tasty treats and basically blowing off exercise and fitness because temptation has taking over; that is why! But there is hope for the individuals who want to be merry during this time of the year, and if they are willing to dedicate a small amount of time to maintain what they worked so hard to achieve, their excellent fitness level. Here is a quick video that I did that talks about a simple tip that you can do to  maintain your physical fitness, muscle mass, cardiorespiratory conditioning and your sanity. I hope you enjoy it and for those who subscribe to my YouTube Channel, thank you so much for your support and I will be doing a lot more videos in 2012.Happy Holidays,Kisar S. Dhillon