Staying Fit During Flu Season | Helpful Tips | Staying Healthy Strong

The flu season and the flu is gaining full speed, especially in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. This is not any ordinary flu, but it is the Swine Flu. Remember just a few years when this type of flu hit the United States and the vaccine H1N1 was the remedy that was supposed to help. Well, this stubborn thing is back again and what are we supposed to do. I know a lot of us love to workout, but when we are under the weather, what are we supposed to do. Well here are some helpful hints that you can use that will help with not catching this nasty flu this season.1. Stay away from people who are sick2. Wash your hand multiple times per day with soap and warm water. Say the entire alphabet to make sure you are really washing those hands and fingernail beds. 3. Keep up with your daily vitamin regimen (what ever your doctor recommends)4. If you feel that you are feeling something come on, then listen to your body and REST5. If you are not sick, keep up your cardiorespiratory fitness, but make sure you wash your hands if you are at a gym before you get in your car. 6. If you know someone is sick, let them know you will socialize with them when they are not contagious. It may sound rude, but it is better than getting sick. Follow these basic tips because they are just that: BASICWe so this with our Portland personal trainer clients: if they are not feeling good, working out is probably going to make it worse, so it is better for them to just rest and let the body do its thing.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241