Squat Mistakes to Avoid

Doing freehand exercises are often advised by fitness experts to keep regularity in health and fitness training. Squats are one such common exercise that is advised by most experts for all-round development of the body. There are many different types of squats that can be practised depending upon the kind of fitness and body shape you are aiming for. Also, squats are good for bones and joints as they help in maintaining flexibility. If it is a first for you in practising the squats then here is how you can avoid making some very common mistakes while practising the half sit-ups.Avoiding Common Squat Mistakes

  • Before you start your squats with a lift-off, ensure that you have a tight setup. An improper set up might get you hurt as well as make it a problem for you as you do the squats.
  • The symmetrical set up of the bar will help you to have a tight grip and focus only on your squats properly. This is often overlooked as many are unaware of the difference.
  • While practising the sit-ups ensure that your heels stay grounded. As they are a pressure point, if your heels come up while you do squats then kit means your posture needs more practice.
  • Putting too much pressure on the knees is advised against. Also, make sure that you do not put your knees forward or inward too much. If you can sit on your thighs then the squats will give you more beneficial results.
  • Practise the advanced level of squats only after your primary practises are approved by your trainer.