Spartan Race vs. Tough Mudder | Portland Personal Trainer

Spartan Race vs. Tough MudderThere has been a proliferation of obstacle races in recent years, with two of the most popular being Spartan Races and Tough Mudders.  In many ways the two events are similar, as they are both obstacle races designed to test the endurance and strength of their participants, but they also differ in a few key ways.First and foremost, a Spartan Race is a race.  Every participant gets a medal, but the top three male and female finishers are awarded with a replica sword, shield and helmet from the movie 300.  A Tough Mudder, on the other hand, is not technically considered a race, and only the top finishers are recorded for entrance into the World’s Toughest Mudder.  Additionally, the obstacles can differ between races.  While Spartan Races are more straightforward tests of endurance and strength, Tough Mudders play off of natural fears such as fire and electricity, and also rely on teamwork.  Spartan Races also require participants to do burpees as a penalty if they do not complete an obstacle, whereas Tough Mudders do not.  Finally, Spartan Races offer a wider range of race lengths, from 3 to 26 miles, whereas all Tough Mudders are 10 to 12 miles in length.The two races are similar in that they are very challenging, but different in the manner in which they are challenging.  Spartan Races are more about strength and endurance, whereas Tough Mudders can require more strength of will in their obstacles, like when participants are required to dunk themselves in a dumpster filled with icy water.  Whatever the case, serious training for either a Spartan Race or a Tough Mudder is going to get you in great shape.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241