SMART physical training to come back in shape

Tired of starting up? Stop giving up then. No matter what you have decided-to lose 4 to 40 pounds, having an evening walk or running your first marathon-make sure to set your goal using this 5 essential elements into action.

  1. Specific- Get a goal which is not arbitrary. You can sum up the goal using rest of the method, but if you want to be fitter, stronger, a baseline would help for sure.exercise
  2. Measurable –you must quantify the process; your goal may be to master push-ups, or run 5 miles or attending the gym 5days in a week-you need to know that and keep a check on your goal, like ’lose 20 pounds’.
  3. Attainable- Choose achievable goals to be on track. You should start small and see early wins to get encouraged for long run.
  4. Relevant- Things get a bit ’tricky’ at this point. Have a goal with motivation, like “I must lose 15 pounds before my high-school reunion.” One must perform better realizing the importance of the goal.
  5. Timing- Do not set long term goals involving long time like-‘losing 20 pounds in 4 months.’ Instead co. nsider setting smaller goals like-‘losing 5 pounds in 3 months.’ It will help you reaching your goal, at least the probabilities will increase.
Be a better version of yourself by being SMART. All you need to be is to be honest with your commitments. Drink water instead of cola, eat salad instead of eating out, walk for 20 minutes every day. Create limits to defeat them