Slimmer Calves With The Right Exercise

Smooth and lean calves are essential for great looking and strong legs. There are numerous workouts styles and fitness schedules that can be followed for lean and trim calves. Let us take a look at them.exerciseStanding Calf Raise – In this posture you can stand with your hips wide apart. Keep your core tight that will help you keep balance. You can slowly raise your weight o your tip toes. Count ten like this and return back to your neutral position. You can repeat this posture for ten times.Seated Calf Raise – In this posture you can remain seated. Bring both your knees together. Put a light weight on top of the knees and then you can toes the toes to the ground and raise the heels. Do this to feel a stretch in the calf muscles. Return to neutral position after ten seconds. Repeat the posture for ten times.Side To Side Jump – keep your legs are close as possible and jump on either side of an invisible line. Try to maintain a balance and continue for a whole minute.Skater Jump – This is again a good form of exercise where you remain in a bended position and jump with your bodyweight on your calf muscles.Sumo Squat – In this form you keep your legs as apart as possible. Keep your thighs straight with your legs bent as the knee. The posture demands grace. Your whole body weight will rest on your feel soles. Then you will tip toe with your body weight on your toes and your heels rose.Do all the above exercises one after another in a row without any rest in between. Once you finish one round take a minute’s break and then repeat the whole process. Once you are done do not stop before stretching.