Shape up the Extra Inches

We all crave for the hour-glass frame but more than often those extra pounds on the belly aweightlifting exercisects as a spoiler. Intense work out sessions with highly regulated dieting usually helps in shedding off the extra pounds. However, with these hardcore exercises, you may not always be able to retain the curves. Curves define and accentuate the beauty of your body. It highlights the shapeliness of the hips and waistline. Keep up the CurvesLosing the extra weight of the belly is vital for the body. Excess weight might cause cancer, heart risks and other hormonal disorders. Follow these quick tips to shed off the fat and to keep up the curves:·         Squats- It promotes extensive body-wide muscle building. More muscles mean higher calorie burn in the body. It tones and tightens the abs, legs and accentuates the shape of the curves.·         Reverse Crunch- It targets the external oblique and helps in attaining flat abs faster. Lie flat on the ground and then cross the knees at 90 degrees above the ground. Contract the ab muscles and exhale when you contract. Do 1-3 sets with 16 repetitions.·         Side Plank-It strengthens the inner core muscles and tones the belly fat. Side planks burn out the side fats and highlight the curves. Lift up your body at a 90-degree angle with one arm on the hips and another elbow on the floor. Lift your hips up at a diagonal line and hold for 30 seconds.·         Lunge Twist-A great core exercise which improves balance and strength. Position yourself in the lunge posture and stretch out the arm and twist across on either side. Practice 16 reps on either side.·         Ab Cycle-this puts an immense crunch on the belly portion as you keep flexing the legs close to the stomach. Lie flat on the ground with hands to the back and keep head and shoulders off the ground. Alternately keep raising one knee to the opposite elbow as you lean forward. Regulate weight training with core exercises in a balanced manner. Ensure you shed off the belly fat without compromising on the curves. A lean body presupposes the presence of beautiful curves. Workout to ditch the fat and flaunt the curves.