Right Way to Plank

Exercising is an important aspect to follow up. It enhances the mind as well as the body. One of such exercises that help to tone and get all your muscles in action is the plank. Planking is a highly recommended exercise by the fitness instructor all over the world. Yet the majority of people tend to do it wrong, hence here is how to plank properlyExerciseHow to Plank

  1. At first, lie down on your face and keep your elbows directly under your shoulder in a pushup form.
  2. Keep your body stretched and get up on your toes in such a way that only your elbows and toes provide support, while your body is free in the air.
  3. The hold is the position for about 20 seconds
Though it might just seem easy at this point. It actually isn’t. Many people face problems executing this exercise and therefore witness no visible results. A few things are absolutely necessary to be remembered and followed if you wish plank to be beneficial for you. Here’s how to do planks properly –
  1. Try to keep your body as horizontal as possible. If you try to thrust your bust out of the position it is going to be a major fail. Therefore the next time you do plank keep your body straight.
  2. It is understandable that you might be in pain while performing plan but do not keep your head down. During the process look straight and keep your face parallel to the ground.
  3. Do not forget to breathe during the process or else it will prove out to be a lot harder than it usually is.