Remodel Fitness - Latest Trends of 2017

With a new year, comes a number of resolutions, and more than half of the population resolves to workout and stay fit.Now, the moves that helped people to be fit and fabulous may not be successful this year. So we bring some of the latest workout moves of 2017!I. YogaSay Namaste because yoga's here to stay. Even though it isn't latest, yoga has definitely become more popular in 2017. Regular high-quality yoga helps to reduce stress, anxiety, improve blood circulation and sleep quality, and increase flexibility and focus of mind.II. High-Intensity Interval TrainingWant to burn those calories but running out of time? No problems! HIIT ensures you to stay fit by quick bursts of high-intensity exercises instead of exercising at a moderate page for a long time. Starting from helping you work those muscles, to increasing your physical ability, HIIT is a success!III. Virtual WorkoutSubscribing to the various platforms of virtual workout can help you burn calories without even having to leave your house! The videos of choreographed sequence of various workouts improve coordination, speed and strength, and burns your calories faster after each intense class.IV. MegaformerThe machine which has merged the rigorous bodybuilding with the nurturing Pilates, will sculpt you, tone you, and chisel you. An hour of working out on the megaformer will improve your cardio, endurance, strength, and flexibility.V. Water workoutsfitness trendsA serious HIIT workout in water, this involves timed sprints, covering lengths which isolate the bottom or top half, and aquajogging. Post workout, this also includes a plank by the poolside. This ensures a better cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance.VI. 360 fitnessThis includes a 360 approach to fitness through reformer Pilates, sports massage and physiotherapy. For everyone eager to maximize performance with minimum injuries, along with improving health and well-being, this is the workout for you!Now hurry and get that workout regimen started!