Recent Football Game-Power Outage | Stretching & Staying Warm

The game that I am currently watching, the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers had a few delay of game moments when the power went out due to a power surge. If you noticed, these professional athletes had to stay warm, loose & limber just in case the power came on and they had to start playing again.This is such a great example on how warming up and stretching is so important. It is not wise to just start exercising or doing a workout without doing a minor warm up or replicating the movement before doing it.Even though this game is going later than expected, these professional athletes hopefully showed the novice and intermediate exercise enthusiasts that even the pro's have to warm up and stay limber, even during delay of games. Imagine being in the moment, you adrenaline pumping and if you were the Pittsburgh Steeler's quarterback, in lots of pain, and then the lights go out and you had to stop that great drive or passing play.It is not only psychological, but physiologically their bodies need to re-group, stay warm, limber and ready to go regardless if you are in pain or you have lost that adrenaline. You must get it back, NOW, so constant moving and no sitting around is what we saw on that field. They were throwing the ball, stretching, but there was no lying down or taking a nap!Thanks,Kisar S. Dhillon