Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone | Hitting Your Max

If you are one that will run a 5k a few times per week, or go to the gym and do your circuit with some intervals in-between on the bike or treadmill, you probably have not made remarkable gains. The first question to ask yourself is; are you getting the results you want with your current fitness routine? The second question you need to ask yourself is; are you completely exhausted and know that you really worked super hard after your workout session! When you are done training, and if you are training right, your body should feel like it has just worked out. Your muscles should be fatigued, you should be sweating and in your mind you know that you just kicked some major butt in your gym, fitness class or Portland personal trainer studio.I think that is why box types of gyms, crossfit and other ballistic styles of training have gained so much popularity, it is because they are going at their maximum for a certain duration's of time. The questions is, are they going about it in a safe way. Anyone can throw up a bunch of weight or do a ton of burpees and escalate their lactic acid and heart rate, but are they doing it with excellent form, breathing technique and preventing injury. Most of the time at these box type of fitness locations and classes, technique is ignored and injury results, which is when we end up rehabbing these types of individuals and then building them back up at our studio.You can still have an awesome and intense workout with correct biomechanics and breathing technique without sacrificing the ability to go beyond your comfort zone and really create some lasting results.  If you are a lone wolf going to the gym by yourself, just remind yourself that you want to really push your body where you feel uncomfortable! You will be okay, you can always stop, but make sure you finish that set of time sequence. Stop that stop watch and when you are ready to continue, start it back up. Until then, have great workouts this week and push past your old zone.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241