Push-Up Variations that You Should Know

Exercising is a huge arena that is still being explored. New styles and exercises are being developed upon to make sure that people from all age group with all kinds of body structure can participate in fitness training and follow regularity. Push-ups are an old and much sought after exercise that helps to build strength in muscles and also maintain good body growth and structure. If you are considering including push-ups in your fitness training then here is a list of the variety and the choices you have for practising.weightlifting exerciseChoose the Push-up Form for Yourself

  • If you are new to exercising then it is always better to start at the basic level. Practise push-up pushes off easily by inclining your body on a bench or a fence and starts your push-ups. You can put the weight on your support and practice softly to avoid putting too much pressure.
  • Next, you can move on to narrow push-ups and side to side push-ups to build your triceps and knee strength.
  • Elbow push-ups are best practised under the watchful eyes of your trainer as it takes time to correct the posture and master the push-up.
  • Once you are ready to move up to the advanced push-ups, you can try doing commander push-ups, single leg pike push-up, plank jack push-up, push-up jack, up down push-up and hand stand push-up.
While practising the push-ups make sure that your body can take the strain or else the exercise may have adverse effects instead of healthy benefits.