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Hello Portland, Oregon! Well, the clouds are here, the rain is coming, and that means people are going to be getting lazy, drinking more beer and alcoholic beverages, and they are not going to be exercising outside. What we need is some kind of motivation to keep those amazing results, so what are you going to do?  Well, one option is to do nothing and wait until spring to arrive, but that is a long duration away. A second option is that you can exercise outside, but you need to be dressed accordingly and with the right type of clothing, or third, you can hire a Portland personal trainer or fitness expert in your area to help you keep getting results, losing fat mass and create the body you have always wanted. That way, you will look even more amazing for spring and then rocking for Summer 2013.One of the best ways to create fat loss is to incorporate high intense interval training (HIIT) in your existing routine? The one thing about this type of training is that I recommend that you have a decent fitness base before doing this. There are great programs out there that consist of this type of body weight training and you have seen it on television. One of the programs is called the Insanity, which is by Beach Body. It is a great program, especially if you want to incorporate that type of cardio combined with body weight resistance.If you do not want to purchase a program on television, but want to do this with a workout partner or on your own, then the rule of thumb is that you always want to be in a target heart range and zone where your heart rate is always working a little harder than it would at rest. Meaning, in order to burn fat calories, you need to be exercising at a rate where you are not having a full conversation with your workout partner, you cannot read a magazine, book, kindle, or text message on your phone. You want to be working hard to burn enough calories that it will matter at the end of your workout. There is no lag time here, especially when you want to get that body fat down. You need to work hard, follow a decent food plan, and utilize your time in the gym efficiently.If you are working with a personal trainer, they will make sure that is what is happening. If you are not working with a professional, then do your best to push yourself out of you comfort zone. If you need a spot in the gym so you can be pushed to that next level, then go ask someone. If you are in a corporate gym, ask one of the trainers there to spot you, because that is one of their responsibilities. When it comes to working out, safety and correct bio-mechanics should be at the top of your list. If you are hesitant about lifting a certain amount of weight or you are not familiar with a certain exercise, then ask your fitness colleagues or one the employees to assist you.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241