Portland Personal Trainer | Are You Over-Training?

Remember,  you do not grow in the gym, you grow outside of the gym or wherever you exercise at. You body needs to recover, so when you are exercising at a high intensity or in consecutive days in a row, take a day off and rest. You will get those results and recovery when you are socializing with friends, taking a nap or just watching a movie. Your body can only grow and get better when you allow it to recover with rest and a day off once in awhile. If you have been working out hard, sometimes it is great to take a week off and then hit it hard again. Your body will not only appreciate it, but it will be in shock when you overload it again with the workout stimuli that it wasn't expecting. That is when results will start happening again. You need to play mind games with your body, because the human body is extremely smart and does not like change. Get creative with your workouts, but most important, practice and implement Rest in your Workout Program!Thanks,Kisar