Portland Personal Trainer | What is Gluten | Being Gluten Free

Gluten and what it is!Gluten, gluten, gluten.  It seems to be all the rage right now.  We see gluten free foods lining the aisles of our local grocery stores, find them in the menus of restaurants we dine out at, and even find gluten free beers at our favorite bars. But what is gluten exactly, and who should cut it out of their diet? Below are some facts about gluten, and what you should know.

  1.  Gluten is comprised of two proteins that are found in grains, rye, and barley.  It’s what gives things like dough its chewiness.
  2. Gluten free foods are developed for people suffering from celiac disease, which breaks down the lining of the intestinal walls in the presence of gluten.
  3. Avoiding gluten without having celiac disease is not recommended.  You actually miss out on nutrients that your body needs when you don’t eat food that contain gluten.
  4. Many people are under the false belief that if they eat gluten free foods, that it will help them lose weight.  The truth is, cutting back on foods that contain gluten such as pasta, bread, and beer will help trim your waistline.  Foods that remove gluten from their products aren’t considered healthier, but safer for people with celiac disease.
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